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 Hey there!

I'm guessing you clicked here because you love 567BROADWAY! so much that you want to see what you can do to become an Ambassador and spread the musical theater love!  I really appreciate that because the growth of our special community relies on your honest and truthful recommendations to your friends.  So, if you really believe in 567BROADWAY! and what it has done for you, I want you to share your experience, your results, and in return...I want to reward you for it.

Since you are already a member of the 567BROADWAY! cast, you're qualified to become a 567BROADWAY! Ambassador! And any time, you mention 567BROADWAY!, and your friend buys the program using your link, I will give you 20% of the entire purchase! 

So...if just 5 of your friends buy 567BROADWAY! Digital, you have already paid for your own copy!

This adds up REALLY fast and I bet you'll be able to make back what you paid for the program and EVEN MORE!  Sign up HERE to receive your unique 567BROADWAY! Ambassador link.  Only use that link when sharing 567BROADWAY! on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, your blog or in any emails.  That is the only way we can track your sales.  If anyone clicks that link and purchases within 30 days, you will be credited with the sale!

Ambassadors will be paid on the 15th of the next month.  So, for example, any sales you generate in March will be paid out on April 15th.  You will be asked for a W-9 before you can receive your first payment.

Please note, ONLY orders made directly on 567BROADWAY.com will be counted. Paypal sales will not receive credit at this time.

If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected]

Thank you so much for all of your help! Let's get more friends to join the #567BroadwayCast!

Hugs & High Kicks,


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